Submission deadline for workshop papers: September 4, 2020 (extended)

About WHISTLE 2020

Education is the route to equality of opportunity to release people’s potential to build a society that is sustainable in term of its social, environment and economic perspectives. A conducive learning environment is vital in creating this prospect. Following the idea that school buildings are places where culture is created, explored and enjoyed by students, many institutions around the globe have taken initiatives to develop their physical ground using the concept of sustainability. Whereas sustainable learning environments should go beyond the physical outlook, the others reported being hindered by financial constraint, resources and skills. Nevertheless, sustainable learning environments can be in any forms or settings. For example, it could be in formal, non-formal and informal settings; indoor or outdoor; and physical, social or virtual. This is evidenced through the COVID-19 outbreak, which has prompted a generational awakening that calls for alternative learning environments. Thus several initiatives for development of sustainable learning environment innovations for seamless learning ensues.


Objectives of WHISTLE 2020

This workshop aims to provide an interactive channel for interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners (e.g. in education, engineering, design and architecture) to share ideas on relevant issues regarding sustainable learning environments innovations through paper presentations and discussion with one another.

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